Bursting the Pussy Bubble, Page 5: Pussy Power & Women's Suffrage
"With the prevalence of women’s suffrage a new power will be introduced into politics, and its character and results will be vastly different from what its advocates imagine. With the better class of women refusing to vote, and the lower, the corrupt, and venal class, swarming to swell the majority of their favorites or their patrons, politics instead of being purified will become tenfold more corrupt by the corruption added to it of this new element."

- Rev. Prof. H. M. Goodwin,
New Englander and Yale review, Volume 43, Issue 179 (March 1884), pp. 193-213

"As for those who have a living belief in the doctrines of Christianity, when they find that revealed religion, from the first of the Prophets to the last of
the Apostles, allots a subordinate position to the wife, they are compelled to believe Moses and St. Paul in the right, and the philosophers of the present
day, whether male or female, in the wrong...

- Susan Fenimore Cooper (1813-1894); Female Suffrage: A Letter to the Christian Women of America

It is no exaggeration to say that the most radical of the anti-suffrage activists and theologians never anticipated the satanic degree to which their worst apprehensions would be realized in the USA and the Western world.

For, in acquiescing to the demands of the suffragettes with the ratification of the 19th Amendment, the U.S.A. declared open war on God's Law, reversing the Creator's decree in the Garden of Eden "he shall rule over thee," and setting in motion the process of rebellion that would inevitably culminate in the largest genocide in recorded history (the global abortion holocaust), the cultural normalization of contraception, the cultural normalization of sodomy & "same-sex marriage" & ultimately the creation of the economic
& demographic armageddon that is the Pussy Bubble.

If women's suffrage had had any other goal than the annihilation of the patriarchal order, additional votes might have been given to the head of the household, be he brother, father, or son (or pastor); to represent the adult women in his family. Instead, the egalitarian ideal dictated a reality in which the wife, sister or daughter was empowered to
nullify the man's vote at whim through the secret ballot, and nullify God's decree, underscored by Moses and the Apostles, that "he shall rule."

The state has only one power: violence & the threat of violence. In granting women equal control in the exercise of state violence,
patriarchy was not actually abolished. Instead, the balance of power in Western Civilization shifted from the head of the family as patriarch to the head of the state as über-patriarch. The vast numbers of men in the American incarceration system on domestic violence charges bear witness to this phenomenon. Gone is the colloquial "rule of thumb". Politicians, bureaucrats and their minions in the increasingly militarized police state ARE the new patriarch, the DE FACTO and DE JURE husband. The American Pussies have been incorporated into their harem, and the man, like a breeder-slave in the antebellum South, is (in terms of his legal rights) at best an item of tangible, movable property; a chattel stud.

This is in no instance more evident than in the legalization of abortion. The American Pussy may, at whim, declare the foetus in her womb a legal "person" or "non-person." If the foetus is killed without her consent, the killer may be charged with some form of homicide, and in many instances she may exercise lethal force in the defense of the foetus as a legally-recognized person. But her subjective decree of non-personhood at any stage of gestation authorizes her to kill the foetus for any reason or none at all, without any appeal to her husband or father. The American Pussy is in a very real sense a goddess of the highest order, with the entire police state standing ready to enforce with unequivocal violence her divine right to create or uncreate a person, AD NIHILO. Great indeed, is Diana of the Ephesians!

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