The Greek word from which we derive the word "economy" is transliterated "oikos" and it literally means "household or family."

While not necessarily limited to the modern definition of the "nuclear family," some version of the Biblical patriarchal family, the household or oikos/ecos, was for millenia the nucleus and fundamental building-block of all human economy. In the household, an exchange of love coupled with the priority of childbearing and childrearing, precedes and is fundamental to all other exchanges. It cannot be overemphasized that this nuclear economy IS the foundational building block for all subsequent complex and exponentially more intricate economies.

Out of all the families on the earth, Abraham's was singled-out in the Bible as the example of a family wherein the first priority of the patriarch was NOT to satisfy the needs of the wives and children, but to fulfill the law of God. Western Christian civilization was born of an amalgamation of the Greek concept of oikos and the Abrahamic tradition.

The bartering of goods, or the exchange of silver and gold coins, all derived its value with reference to the benefit of the household. And it was the woman's perception of the value of things with reference to the household that, to a large degree, determined the actual economic value of those things. Gold, for example, is mentioned no less than 607 times in the Bible alone. Long before its use in the adornment of buildings or its industrial use, Gold held intrinsic value throughout the ages for a number of reasons, not the least of which was the fact that it can easily be formed into something which will please WOMAN and give MAN access to her pussy-power, and all the oikos-generating possibilities that power symbolized.

In other words, gold has value because it gives men access to pussy.

"And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression." - St. Paul (1 Timothy 2:14)

Fundamental to the Abrahamic tradition is the Genesis story of Adam & Eve, wherein the deceived woman's desire to impart value to some THING (the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge) was permitted by her husband to obscure the Law of God and usurp the priorities of the Creator in the Garden.

If Adam was not deceived, was Adam pussy-whipped? Yes and no. We must remember that Eve was not just "a woman." She was not only Adam's wife. She was in a very real sense his daughter, sister, only friend and peer. She was, in fact, the entire world of humanity, the "mother of all the living." Adam did not eat the fruit simply because he was an orgasm-addict who needed access to Eve's pussy for his next fix. Adam knew that, as far as he could see, Eve represented his entire lineage and the entirety of humanity. Adam, in a very real sense, had YOU and ME in mind. If he was divorced from Eve by disobedience and death, he didn't know how the promises of God would be fulfilled. Adam was in this sense facing a conundrum not dissimilar to that of Abraham when he was asked to sacrifice Isaac.

But unlike Abraham, Adam disobeyed & capitulated to the full force of satanic pussy power. This was the Paleo-Economic-Pussy-Bubble; the prototype, root and harbinger of all pussy bubbles to come.

In the modern economy, the Serpent of old is manifest through the Western humanist propaganda machine of Hollywood and the globalist presstitute corporate media conglomerates, in unholy conjugal union with secular world government, the United Nations, and western-backed corporations, foundations and NGOs. Like Solomon's thousands of marriages to kings' daughters, designed to consolidate political and economic influence; these powers have seduced the power of the Western Pussy into a globalist antichrist harem, usurping the Biblical patriarchal order and redefining the priorities of the human family. And they aggressively woo the daughters of every nation on earth to follow suit. The Pussy Bubble is truly a global phenomenon.

By exporting contraception, adultery, abortion, divorce and sodomy; all in the guise of "women's rights" or "human rights" and incorporating all nations into the global Pussy Bubble, humanist government incorporates the world into its sexual Ponzi scheme & seeks to prime the families of the Earth for antichrist government.

But they have not yet fully succeeded, which is why the Pussy Bubble is, for the moment, limited in degree and scope to the cultural/economic hegemony of the United States, the UK and Europe and every nation in her sphere of Babylonian captivity.
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