Bursting the PUSSY BUBBLE

- In the mid-1990's, Yale economist Robert Shiller predicted the dot-com bubble would burst.

- Gerald Celente predicted the 1987 stock market crash & 2008 housing bubble burst.

- Peter Schiff also predicted the housing bubble and is predicting a worse crash to come.

-Paul Craig Roberts is currently predicting the collapse of the dollar and the bond market.

But all of these economic forecasters have failed to see (or failed to warn anyone about) the biggest bubble of all: the Pussy Bubble, aka the Wench Bubble.

Q. What is the "Pussy Bubble"?

A. The Pussy Bubble is
the hyped, exaggerated, and otherwise grossly-inflated value of the Western female. Thanks to unprecedented wealth and economic hegemony as the United States emerged the victor from World War II, the American pussy, viewed by the world largely through the lens of Hollywood and the Western media, effectively became the idealogical reserve-pussy of the world, and her mythical standard of life, the American Dream, became the standard against which all other women of all other cultures were bullied into comparing the realities of their own lives, relationships and standards of living.

Over the course of the 20th century, the Western female would claw her way to apparently dominant super-sex status, beginning (arguably) with the suffragette movement and the incremental normalization of contraception, and culminating in 1973 when the American Pussy obtained from the US Federal Government the godlike "right to choose" whether ANYONE will be born dead or alive. But, as I will demonstrate, this power grab, like that of Eve in the Garden, was predicated from a monstrous LIE, which would inevitably result in horrific death and suffering.

The American pro-life movement, at first manifesting a seemingly growing determination to interpose to arrest the (now murderous) power of the American pussy, was finally bullied into submission when President Clinton signed into law the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, & the American Pussy's husband (Uncle Sam) threatened American Christians with federal felonies if they peacefully blockaded abortion clinics. The non-violent civil disobedience movement to restrain baby-murder died, and was quickly replaced by a castrated pro-life movement, ready to whine & bitch and grovel at the feet of the new goddess, the American Pussy, for decades to come.

by Jonathan O'Toole
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