On July 16, 2013 the BBC reported that Cameroon sodomite activist Eric Lembembe was found dead by "friends," his neck and feet broken and his body "burned with an iron."

Without citing any medical evidence, media outlets have presumed that Lembembe was tortured with the hot iron, and that the burn-marks were inflicted before his neck was broken.

Since Lembembe is dead, God-fearing men must hope that is the case. Perhaps before he died, the sensation of burning caused Lembembe to consider the irrevocable reality of
Hell, the reality of burning forever, and the reality of the God Who made him a man, and made his rear end for the good purpose of releasing excrement, not as an impudent mockery of a vagina . . . not as a doorway for the entrance of another man's penis.

At ProjectSEE, we proclaim that all humanity, including all governments, ought to FEAR and REVERENCE the Creator God, who the New Testament says "is able to destroy both body and soul forever in Hell." We commend the government of Cameroon for prosecuting practitioners and advocates of sodomy.
Make no mistake: if Lembembe had been under arrest for his advocacy of sodomy, he might be alive still today.

I refer you to Neal Horsley's classic article, ARREST HOMOSEXUALS: FOR THEIR OWN GOOD.

Does the killing of Lembembe signal a pan-African backlash of vigilantism, blowback against the West's policies of bullying and intimidating Africans and African governments to legalize so-called "gay marriage" and to stop prosecuting acts of sodomy?

TIme will tell. How long must the
VORTEX OF VIOLENCE continue, and how many fatalities must it produce worldwide before the peoples of the Western nations rise up and restrain the satanic regimes and heads of state which seem Hell-bent on raping Africa in the rear end? The secular regimes of the USA, UK, EU and Canada are waging a war on God and God's Law in Africa. I reiterate: how many casualties must this war claim before these fools take the advice of King David to all rulers everywhere and "Kiss the Son, lest He be angry and ye perish in the way"?

Lembembe's death fuels existing speculation (aka LIES) in the "gay" media that the "NOT WANTED" posters published and distributed by ProjectSEE represent a "hit list" or a group of targets we secretly wish to see tortured and killed like Lembembe.

NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. We reiterate our commitment to see sodomites everywhere, especially sodomite activists; arrested and tried for their crimes against the law of nature and of nature's God.

We do
not wish to see Gay2Afrika's Kenneth Hieber, for example, tortured with a hot iron. We do not wish to see the street-justice that he threatened to inflict on us, perpetrated against Ken Hieber. We do not wish to see Kenneth Hieber, or any other sodomy-advocate, beaten to a bloody pulp by an angry mob, doused with flammable liquid, immolated in a necklace of car tires, or otherwise beaten, battered, dismembered or set ablaze!

Nuremberg Files publisher Neal Horsley and I were arrested by a SWAT team over three years ago and charged with criminal terrorism for applying the words of the Bible to prominent sodomite activist & rockstar Sir Elton Hercules John in front of his Georgia home. Months later, we were released and the charges were quashed by a fair-minded judge, Hon. Kimberly Adams of Fulton County, Georgia.

The scripture verse which was construed as "terrorism" in our indictment was Hebrews chapter nine, verse twenty-seven, "
it is appointed unto a man once to die, and then the judgment."

In this EXPLICIT context, we said "Elton John Must Die: Hebrews 9:27." As the Editor of ProjectSEE.com, I stand by, reapply, and reiterate those words. For example, Gay2Afrika's
Kenneth Heiber Must Die, exactly like I must die, and face our Maker. Now is the time for all men everywhere to seek the LORD, while He may yet be found!

The day of His judgment is near, and for many, like Eric Lembembe...unless they
REPENT in the throes of torture before death...it will be too late.

- Jonathan O'Toole, Editor, ProjectSEE.com
Death, Torture, & Sodomy in Africa