In 2003 then Senator Clinton voted in FAVOR of the Child-Assassination technique known as Partial-Birth Abortion.
She defended it in the strongest, most diabolical terms.

Look at it and ask yourself: Do I truly love my neighbor, or am I just another pagan voter seeking the candidates who have convinced me they'll make my life "better" in this world?

If you support HER, then you support THIS:
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The official site of the Movement to Expose and Oppose the Offspring of Hell in the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government.
LEGALIZED ABORTION is SLAVERY to SATAN, and any government that promotes and defends it is a TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT, and we CANNOT TELL PEOPLE to “obey all laws” if we say that IT IS PERMISSIBLE TO MURDER.
If you support the UNBORN CHILDREN in their FIGHT FOR THEIR LIVES against modern-day Adolph Hitlers, Mass-Murderers of Unborn Children, God will REWARD YOU. You may lose a lot of “friends”, lose your job, lose your “standing” in your “church community”, be subject to a lot of bad-mouthing, etc. But it won’t be the cause of losing your soul.

If, on the contrary, you support the modern-day Adolph Hitlers, Mass-Murderers of Unborn Children like Hillary Clinton, God will PUNISH YOU.
• FACT: Planned Parenthood will NOT support ANY candidate for political office UNLESS that candidate is, like them, fully in support of TOTAL ABORTION “RIGHTS” [a.k.a. Total Abortion, 100% ABORTION, Absolutely NO Exceptions Abortion]. This means MURDERING by ABORTION the innocent, defenseless children in their mothers’ wombs during ALL NINE MONTHS of pregnancy, up to the DAY of BIRTH, Partial-Birth Abortion, Sex Selection Abortion, “Selective Reduction” Abortion (killing one of the twins, letting the other live), Selling of Aborted Baby Body Parts, Federal & State Funding of Planned Parenthood, etc.

• Hillary Clinton is SUPPORTED by Planned Parenthood. She knows what they know: that waiting in line for her “job” are dozens of other political lackeys willing to sell their souls for a political office. If she were to betray Planned Parenthood on ANY part of the deal (i.e. Total Abortion “Rights”), they’d find someone else to support in upcoming elections for the Chief Executive office she covets. They’d do all they could with the OVER Half a Billion Dollars they receive from the Federal & State Governments to IMPEACH her and put into her office a candidate who is 100% “faithful” to their child-killing agenda.

•ProAbortion Hillary Clinton is 100% in favor of any and all abortion (the murder of innocent, defenseless children in their mothers’ wombs) all nine months, up to the day of birth.

COLLABORATORS: "We’re with Hillary!"

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Hillary Endorsements

All these shameful individuals & organizations endorse COWARDLY CANDIDATES who MURDER UNBORN CHILDREN by their VOTES.

Planned Parenthood DOES the actual MURDERING!

When LIARS and defenders of MURDER tell you that ProAbortion Hillary Clinton “isn’t in favor of Abortion, she’s just ‘Pro-Choice’”, please, please, please a JUST and HONORABLE Society,

Mass-Murderer Mrs. Clinton is a Lawless Lawmaker
who is 100% in FAVOR of this!
If you support HER, you support THIS,
and you’ll spend Eternity with HER and her MASTER, SATAN.

You won’t find these pictures ANYWHERE on the COWARD ProAbortion Hillary Clinton’s campaign website. Go to her official campaign website and look! Nothing.

Absolutely NOTHING, yet she’s 100% in FAVOR of it.
How incredibly DISHONEST! To be 100% in FAVOR of “Total Abortion Rights” yet not have the courage to show her electorate what it is that she FAVORS.
The timely Warning & Words of Wisdom of Su Excelencia Arzobispo Javier del Rio Alba: